Inside The Photographers Studio – Matt Granger Interviews Tania Niwa [Professional Photographer Sydney]

Earlier this year I was approached by renowned Australian photographer and educator, Matt Granger, to take part in his popular YouTube interview series ‘Inside The Photographers Studio’. In the interview you will hear me speak about the beginnings of my love for photography influenced by my father since the age of three. I then discuss how I developed my personal style and skills as a fine art, portrait and commercial photographer over the last three decades.
Tania Niwa Inside The Photographers Studio
It was rather humorous being on the other side of the camera! After the initial butterflies settled, I was able to speak about my love and passion for photography and draw upon all the defining moments that have helped shape and develop my passion and career for photography. From delving into my childhood growing up in Taranaki (New Zealand) and making the big move to Australia 19 years ago, I have recently realised that my biggest motivator and driving force is how i can use my gift of photography to make a difference to others.
Matt Granger’s YouTube channel has grown to become one of the largest and most-viewed photography channels worldwide thanks to his friendly nature and down to earth approach that has allowed him to become a well sought-after photography workshop host and speaker at events worldwide.
I’m grateful for the opportunity to become a part of the renowned series that showcases other leading international photographers. Thank you to Matt and Tina for making this interview possible and allowing me to share my love of photography.
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