Your family portrait session includes


Tania would love to meet with you prior to your shoot to learn more about what you are looking for, and hear all about your family members. See examples of photographic art printed in various presentations such as Chromaluxe metal HD prints, metallic fine art prints custom framed and also printed on fine art canvas. Tania’s studio is located right in the centre of New Plymouth CBD (we have a lift to get you to the first floor or stairs).


Photography can be created at your home, a local beach, park, nature reserve or at our studio.


Our ‘natural look’ retouching service is complimentary on your chosen collection of portraits.


Expertly designed table top and wall portrait collections can be presented on artist giclee canvas (complete with invisible waterproof protective surface), as crystal mount wall panels, galerie smooth pearl photographic paper presented in frames or as free standing lumi tile sets. Custom made albums are also available printed on fine art materials.


Be spoilt for choice and love your images or we will happily re-shoot.

Why choose Tania as your family portrait photographer?

Tania brings you 28 years of expertise in understanding all facets of what is needed to make treasured family portraits. She understands unique family dynamics and how to engage different personalities to skillfully capture love and natural beauty. This is why families love to return and recommend us again and again.

Tania is an Internationally respected leader in portrait photography. She is also an AIPP Grand Master of Photography who is trusted and respected amongst peers, clients and the local community.

We connect with people and help them relax to have an enjoyable experience with a friendly and professional approach.

You can trust that we will produce results that are engaging, skillfully designed and crafted – every time.

Our passion for excellence is at the heart of everything we do as is our high level technical skill/ability.

Our results speak for themselves.

Clothing suggestions for location portraiture

For your family portrait to look classic and as timeless as possible we recommend wearing clothing without patterns, logos or stripes.

It is generally more flattering to avoid sleeveless tops for adults as arms can be over emphasised (unless you have toned arms). To avoid emphasis on your tummy area avoid loose flowing tops (which can billow in the breeze) and tops which are too tight.

Avoid wearing ribbed material tops, as the detail in the material can be tricky to retouch if needing to remove any unwanted creases etc. Avoid ‘baby doll’ dresses which can make slim people look bigger.

Short dresses are not recommended for windy days, and when we take ‘sitting shots’.

Preferred clothing to wear for portraits in black & white

We highly recommend subtle pastel colours which translate to produce light tones without being too stark e.g. blue/pink/lemon. As another option we recommend strong colours which translate to dark tones e.g. red/yellow/green; denim. Note, if you also want images in colour avoid strong colours.

Family members wearing jeans and a combination of tops in white, any tone of blue (light/mid/dark), taupe or grey generally looks great. For example a white top and blue cardigan; a white top showing through only slightly and a grey jersey; white top and taupe pants, taupe shirt and denim jeans; blue top and jeans. White tops tends to be very stark when viewed as a black &white or sepia image if you do not mix it with other tones. Note – if only one person wears white in your family portrait – this person will stand out too much, so we suggest if for example you are a family of 4 – at least two people could wear white and two pastel tones.  White is OK for an individual portrait.

Preferred tones to wear for portraits in colour

Any blues/denim/soft greens/autumn tones. Soft pink (or even soft blue) can be great for girls, with a combination of denim. Soft blue with denim can be great for boys.

White is fine if everyone is dressed in white combined with a combination of denim/grey/blue (as per suggestion when wearing white if having your shoot in black and white/sepia).


For beach shoots bring a picnic rug in case sand is damp. We will fold the rug so it is not seen.

Warm clothes (it can be cooler towards end of shoot in the shade).

With toddlers: if girls are wearing dresses, have a pair of matching shorts to cover nappies for sitting shots.

Optional: Toys to play with in sand eg: bucket & spade; favourite toys.

At least one or two changes of clothes in case children get splashed.

Snacks/bribes (we will have natural lollies and stickers).

Suggestions for vibrant studio shoots

Here we can break the normal rules if you are having individual portraits.

If you love colour you can go all out and bring a selection of your favourite clothes/accessories. For example: casual, formal and special occasion styles.

For ladies, we recommend professional hair and make up before your shoot.  We can arrange a hair and make-up artist to come to your home (cost is $190 payable directly to artist).

It can also be great to include a favourite object that characterises you and can be used as a prop

Newborn shoots

The best room in your home would be one with the most available light. We can work in small rooms and can bring studio lighting if needed.

Room temperature: in winter to be heated well if we are photographing your baby nude.

Clothing for parents: The most timeless images showing your baby nestled into you will look best if you both wear simple black tops (without logos) – so our focus is kept on your baby.

For Mum, a camisole top (with thin straps) and for Dads a black short sleeve fitted shirt. If it suits, we can take some without dad’s shirt.