Ragdoll Cats photographed at our studio [Cat photographer Sydney]

We just photographed two beautiful Rag Doll Cats at our photography studio. Charlie, is the lighter cat on the left, and Frankie the darker one on the right. They are adorably soft and fluffy, but also very sneaky! We spent half of the shoot trying to get them out from hiding under the couches.

Clare, their Guardian, wrote us a beautiful note about how she came to be their carer and her experience with Tania Niwa Photography.
“I became obsessed with Ragdoll Cats to the point that word spread amongst my friends, and their friends, so much so, that I was asked to mind two cats for six months while the owner was overseas. Six months turned into two years and now it’s time to return Charlie and Frankie, and this prompted me to ask Tania photograph them both so I would have a beautiful momento.”

“Tania and her staff were wonderful with the cats, who weren’t on their best behaviour! Tania’s assistant Montana managed to convince Charlie to come out from under the couch (she is very shy) and persuade Frankie to show off with a special cat bribe.
The cats and I had a great time and the photos are absolutely beautiful!”
CAMERA SETTING DETAILS:  After we had captured all of the images we wanted, we then turned off our studio lighting, and used the beautiful natural light in our studio.  We used a very narrow depth of field which really helped focus attention on Charlie’s eyes, while gently softening, yet highlighting her lovely fluffy coat.
CAMERA SETTINGS: 1/60 sec at f/2.2. ISO 250.  CAMERA: 5DMarkIII, Canon Lens 50mm 1.4.
With the first two images I used studio lighting to capture both Charlie and Frankie together in one shot.  The advantage being that I would have plenty of depth of field ensuring both cats would be in focus even if they weren’t exactly the same distance from the camera (but were both on the sofa fairly close to each other).  I used 1/125 sec at f/8.0, ISO 100. Canon 24-105mm lens set at 70mm

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