World Junior Champ Ella Williams Dropping in with Tania Niwa Photography

Over the last few months I have taken on an exciting new role working alongside ASP Pro Junior World Champion Ella Williams who is from Whangamata on the Coromandel Coast of New Zealand’s North Island. Ella is the first Kiwi to win a world title and has become an inspiration for young people regularly featuring on Television and in print media. As a high performance athlete Ella needs a very strong support base so she can stay focused on her dream to be a World Champion. This support comes from her extraordinary parents Janine and Dean along with older brother Braedon, and my business partner Tony Kemp who is Ella’s manager. Together we make up ‘Team Williams’.
My role with Team Williams is to manage digital strategy, social media and image consistency. I also liaise with Ella’s sponsors and help with the acquisition of new sponsors, alongside Tony. I also work very closely with Ella’s super-human family who also manage to run a busy shop in their seaside town called Whangamata Surf.
I am very passionate about supporting Ella Williams as she has such an incredible level of excellence, an unsurpassed positivity and strong self belief, which are qualities I really admire in her. I am a big advocate of helping people realise their potential. As I help Ella on her journey it has been very rewarding seeing her inspiring others to realise their potential in whatever field they choose. There’s a special place in my heart for surfing, having grown up with the surfing culture in Taranaki, where I was the photographer for the Waitara Bar Board Riders Club. My passion for photography actually started with a love of capturing all my mates surfing the wild and varied Taranaki breaks as a teenager. Working with Ella has reignited a childhood passion. As part of our journey with Ella to realise her potential we have a very intensive strategic plan created by Tony (ex Kiwi Rugby League Player, NZ Warriors Coach and Kiwis Manager).
In line with our communication strategy, here is our inaugural newsletter, which is intended to keep all Ella’s supporters informed of her progress towards realising her dream. ENJOY:-) Ella Williams Pro Junior World Champion Surfer Inaugural Newslet May-June Newsletter Ella Williams Pro Junior World Champion Surfer Inaugural Newslet Here’s a link to this newsletter as a PDF Ella Williams To contact Tania Niwa Ph +61 2 9939 5553 or email us LINKS: Ella Williams on Facebook Niwa Photography on Facebook

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